Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mulberry Lunch Flowers

Since the arrival of the newest Cublet, I've been properly hibernating.  Living life slightly a la Waynetta Slob.  I've spent two months in pyjamas.   Night and day.  Maybe a tracksuit bottom for a good day/special occasion. I've had Nashville on on a loop, pesto pasta for every meal  and all forms of self-beautification felt like a far and distant memory.  I cannot remember the last time my legs saw a moisturiser.  Or I saw them for that matter.  Poor Chaz.  
But last week I ran out of Nashville episodes, the sun put his hat on and I did start to feel slightly more human again.  I got back in my jeans, did the school run with all three and even put on mascara.

And then I went back to work.  My first job, post baby -  flowers for a spring lunch in London at the Mulberry showroom.  The brief was to create a relaxed yet wild feel with green and white flowers and all in takeable-home vases.  So I did a mix of white potted muscari in ribbed, chunky glass jars and Kilner jars bursting with ammi, ranunculas, anemones, blossom and lilac.

Even if I say so myself, they did look pretty special.  Perfect for a spring time wedding in case anyone reading is thinking about that...

Monday, 26 January 2015

And then there were three...

Our newest, incredibly divine arrival, is another blue one!  Another darling Cub to add to the pack.  Kit Fox Rocket arrived into the world three weeks ago and I will happily admit that I am on a totally different planet to the one I usually inhabit.  Three boys under five is quite something.  The last three weeks have passed in a total and utter blur and I have no idea how the hell I'm ever going to get anything done ever again. Thankfully my brain has signed off meaning I actually can't think any further than that thought.  I guess Mother Nature's kind like that.

The smallest new Cub

So far, the hardest part has been attempting to give all three equal amounts of love and attention, pretending that the smallest Cub's arrival hasn't changed a thing.  The bigger two are not impressed by this new intruder.   Not remotely enjoying his 24/7 crying or the fact that he gets to cling to me all day long.  The first glimpse of the dodgy-looking tummy button cord on night one sent the bigger one into a total spin. Proper hysteria/hyperventilating for a good hour. And then he wouldn't come anywhere near him until it had fallen off.  

Not wanting to scare them about the whole birthing process, they're blissfully unaware of the agony of my c-section scar.  So to them, seeing as I'm no longer a "massive fatso", my role as playmate/punchbag has been instantly resumed.  Coming up with creative reasons for why I can't yet roll around on the floor being a Ninja Turtle or bounce on the trampoline fighting Lego ninjas, is a full time job in itself. 

Although progress has been made.   He earnt their respect after covering me and my brand new J Crew pyjamas with jet propelled, yellow diarrhoea whilst we were all lying in bed this weekend.  Result.  So slowly, I think we'll get there.  I may be black and blue and covered in poo but I have a good feeling about our new life with three...

Sunday, 4 January 2015

New Year Skin Rescue

I am beyond thrilled that the new year is here and 2014 is no longer with us.  I am determined that this coming year is going to be a LOT better than the last.  Our new small Cub is about to arrive for starters - any second in fact- so we're off to a good start so far...

I'm meant to be taking down Christmas decorations and re-packing my hospital bag, for the third time but I quickly wanted to share one of my best Christmas finds before I go MIA for a few weeks.
I bought this for my Mum for Christmas but it turns out that she already had it. So being too fat (lazy) to take it back, I thought I'd save myself the hell of the festive post office queues and treat myself to it too.  India Knight wrote about it a few months ago and made it sound semi-miraculous.  It is aimed at more mature skin but I thought with the sleep deprivation that's coming way, I'll be looking like I belong to that camp in no time at all.
It's called 'In Transit, Camera Close Up', made by This Works.  A mask, moisturiser and primer in one, it really is quite sensational.  Old bat or not.  I like how instantly it works; you put it on straight onto clean skin and it immediately looks like you've been air brushed.  I should probably admit that I currently don't have any light bulbs in my bathroom but even Chaz has commented on how 'much better I look'.  I'm taking that as a compliment. 

So if you're looking for a New Year miracle helper, this is my suggestion.  And on that note, i'm signing off for a few weeks. I will be back again when my brain is working again.  
Wish me luck!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

December Florals

I feel I should apologise for my absence.

I haven't posted anything for far too long - as much as I've wanted to do - I'd been compiling the Christmas wish list for months - I just haven't had a second to do it.  Plus, country living has rendered us without phone lines and internet for weeks.  So it's not entirely my fault.  I thought I'd share my photo album for the last month showing what I've been up to so to prove I haven't been just sitting around slacking, getting fatter.  On that note, I can't quite believe just how soon the third small person will be here.  This weekend is going to spent organising/buying sterilisers/washing tiny baby grows.

Doing a Christmasy shoot with Jo Malone London in their London townhouse.

A 60th Lunch in a London restaurant.

A woodland, winter wonderland 40th Birthday party.

A Christmas breakfast for Jo Malone London.

A christmas lunch at Daylesford Organic.

A Christmas dinner at a client's house.

A christening at Blenheim Palace.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas with Jo Malone

I was completely overjoyed when one of my all time fave brands,Jo Malone London, approached me suggesting we collaborate on Christmas decorating a few months ago.

They chose four of their fragrances and my job was to come up with ideas of how to decorate their London town house for Christmas, incorporating these scents.

The first one was Pine and Eucalyptus and I created a very simple but high-impact mantle piece.  Lots of recycled glass bottles, green and painted gold eucalyptus and dark red hydrangeas.  So easy to recreate at home. 


Pine & Eucalyptus Candles
11 different sized, large, recycled green glass bottles
2 big bags of fir cones
20 stems of dark red hydrangeas
3 bunches of eucalyptus cinerea
2 bunches of long stemmed eucalyptus robusta
1 bunch of gold-sprayed eucalyptus populus with berries
A box of dried lichen
Gardening secateurs
Florist wire

To make the garland

Measure out how long you want the garland to be. Add an extra 20 cm on each end to use as hanging loops. Lay the eucalyptus out along the ribbon, like a long, fat sausage. 

Hold onto the reel wire tightly and starting at one end, carefully wrap it up and around the foliage and ribbon to bind them together. Secure the wire at the other end.

Hang the garland. Next feed in the hydrangea and golden berried eucalyptus wherever you want. It’s a matter of personal taste so keep adding foliage until you achieve your desired size and then add flowers.

For the mantle piece

Very, very simple – arrange the glass bottles along the fireplace, mixing up the sizes. Fill the outer bottles with the tallest stems of the eucalyptus robusta, and then fill the inner bottles with the shorter stems of the eucalyptus cinerea.

When you’re happy with how they all look, add in lots of different sized Pine & Eucalyptus candles among the bottles. Finally, scatter the fir cones and dried lichen along the ledge.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Pook me up

I haven't been this excited about an interiors find for a long, long time.  My discovery is called 'Pooky'.  A UK based, online treasure trove selling beautiful, original, decorative lighting.  The site is brilliantly designed, easy to navigate and sells the most exquisite lamps and lampshades that don't cost a million pounds.  I've never understood why lighting costs so much.   But it's just one of those things that I've learnt to accept.   Along with chairs, lighting just is expensive.  Until now.  

50cm gold hand blocked shade £70

Blue resin lamp base £100
Pink hand blocked shade £54

The silk ikat lampshades have gone straight to the top of my Christmas wish list.  Along with the blue resin bases and navy silk shades. 

Green glass base with the multicoloured silk ikat vision

 Loving the pineapple-esque base

The even better news is that I've sweet talked them into giving you a magic, festive discount.  It's only going to work until  December 7th. So get your skates on.  And please leave some of the ikats for me.

To shop for one of these sensations go to and remember to add
WILLOWPOOKY for your magic code